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Who We Are

CenturyTrade is a private investment company focused on companies in high growth areas or high growth opportunities in mature industries.

We provide investment-brokerage and asset management services to private and corporate entities. CenturyTrade manages assets of private individuals, pension plans, trust accounts, institutions and investment companies. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and growing.

What We Do

By request, CenturyTrade develops tailor-made innovative business solutions for businesses across multiple industries.

Real Estate

Coming from a plethora of professional backgrounds, our diversely experienced team is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that facilitates secure, swift, transparent commercial transactions, all while reducing transaction costs. Companies that are seeking to integrate blockchain into existing business functions can leverage our ecosystem to generate value.

Forex Trading

We maintain high standards for secure trading environments, and offer the best and fairest trading conditions for every Forex trader. Every year we improve our conditions and standards in an ongoing effort to make trading with CenturyTrade more cost-effective than anyone else In the market. We help Forex traders develop the knowledge and skills they need to trade efficiently and responsibly.

Crude Oil Trading

CenturyTrade identifies changing crude oil flows and evolving market dynamics. We capture value throughout the supply chain through its relationships with oil producers, superior logistics capabilities, and strategically located storage and blending facilities. Our experience and understanding of oil markets enables us to implement robust hedging programs in volatile environments.

Crypto Trading

We have first-class specialists in matters related to the development of new methods of crypto mining of Bitcoin and its derivatives using classical and advanced algorithms as well as trading activity on the world's leading crypto exchanges. In view of the many years of operating, strong theoretical elaboration and practical experience, our company has gathered top experts to provide the best financial services to our many loyal partners worldwide as well as our new customers.


Take advantage of these plans to grow with CenturyTrade!


  • 80 Days
  • Daily Bonus 1.700%
  • Sponsoring Bonus 5%
  • Pairing Bonus 5%


  • 80 Days
  • Daily Bonus 1.900%
  • Sponsoring Bonus 5%
  • Pairing Bonus 5%


  • 80 Days
  • Daily Bonus 2.100%
  • Sponsoring Bonus 5%
  • Pairing Bonus 5%


  • 80 Days
  • Daily Bonus 2.300%
  • Sponsoring Bonus 5%
  • Pairing Bonus 5%


  • 80 Days
  • Daily Bonus 2.500%
  • Sponsoring Bonus 5%
  • Pairing Bonus 5%


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